Guns And Fashion: Gun Toting Citizens Are Making A Fashion Statement


Guns And Fashion: Gun Toting Citizens Are Making A Fashion Statement

Guns And Fashion: Gun Toting Citizens Are Making A Fashion Statement

Guns are a very controversial topic these days. Although both sides have their arguments, some are trying to make guns a fashion statement by changing the way we see them. More and more women are buying firearms to protect themselves and their families when their husbands are away. But given the nature of a woman to want to be fashionable, chic and stylish gun accessories (and guns themselves) are becoming the new norm. These women don’t want the same masculine gun their husbands have and want something different – something more feminine – to help protect them and make a fashion statement at the same time.

There’s a huge market of feminine gun accessories and it’s only growing as more and more women become interested in more “girly” guns. Gun stores are now stocking purses with hidden pockets, pink and other “girly” colored tool kits, bright and patterned magazine loaders and so much more to appeal to women seeking guns and firearms. This fashion trend is especially growing in Texas since the state’s open-carry law went into effect so gun owners with concealed-carry licenses can now show their gun openly. And if more states jump on this gun trend, you can expect more and more women opting to have their own guns and need their own feminine accessories for it.

And as the industry for gun accessories grows, more and more women will want to openly carry their guns. Many don’t want to do it because it might draw too much attention, while others feel that wearing a gun isn’t made for their body. With many concealed-and open- carry holsters are actually made to fit a man, there weren’t many to fit a woman’s shape and size until now. With the growing appeal for guns and the new gun law in Texas, many are starting to create specific gun accessories especially for women, such as Lightfoot, which sells bra holsters, lace waistbands and leopard print gun holders for cars, as well as concealment leggings.

But right now, the hottest trend in the gun accessory industry is a concealed-carry bag that’s both fashionable to wear with any outfit and keep a woman safe as it holds her handgun. According to the National Sporting Goods Association in a piece on the topic by NPR, women spent more than $400 on accessories for their gun, which just shows how much a woman would spend to look stylish and be safe. This is definitely a growing market with lots of interest from fashionable women who carry guns.

And while some focus on pure gun accessories tailored for women, others are targeting women whose hobby is all about guns like the site Girls With Guns (www.gwgclothing), which sells tees and more to women interested in guns and the hunting lifestyle. The brand allows for women to show their love for hunting and shooting in an edgy way and provides them with clothing and accessories that fit their lifestyle.

At firearm shows across the country, vendors are now targeting women more and more as they show off the latest in female-friendly guns, garments and holsters that appeal to their stylish side – further demonstrating the growing trend of guns and fashion. Women are now the fastest growing segment of the gun market and it seems manufacturers are finally paying attention to their buying power.