SUICIDEBOYS / $UICIDEBOY$ - PARIS ( music video / clip video officiel )


SUICIDEBOYS / $UICIDEBOY$ - PARIS ( music video / clip video officiel )


When punk meets trap, the $uicideboy$ are born.

From the Seventh Ward of New Orleans, an unlikely duo has taken the Rap world by storm. The duo consists of two cousins whose stage names are Ruby Da Cherry and $uicide Christ. Despite being cousins the two have never worked together until very recently, only being a group for around two years. Despite their short tenure together as a musical act, they have racked up an impressive catalog of music releasing eight mix-tapes from 2015-2016. Rising from the underground hip-hop scene the duo gained notoriety for their use of graphic depictions of drug use, self-harm and violence in their lyrics.

The punk scene influence is unmistakably seen with the duos high energy flow and aggressive delivery in their songs. This is due to Ruby Da Cherry's background in the punk world being a member of a punk band before forming the $uicideboy$. With energy and lyrics reminiscent of The Misfits and The Dead Kennedys, the $uicideboy$ seem to be the next wave of punk embodied in a hip-hop sound. Their songs giving a social commentary of two members of society disappointed with what they see in the ever changing world and resorting to their vices as a way to cope with reality.

However these lyrics can be all to real to $uicide Christ, often referencing to himself as a functioning addict. $uicicde Christ's introduction to drugs was when his grandfather passed away, at the age of 17 he didn't know how to cope with the death so his friends introduced him to Vicodin. After the introduction he began to abuse opiates. The addiction to opiates started with pills, but when his dealer was arrested he resorted to heroin to get his daily fix. When Ruby found out it put the group in turmoil, Ruby not wanting to lose his cousin to an overdose threatened to stop making music and giving up on the $uicideboy$ if he didn't stop using the drug. This is forcing $uicide to slowly stop using the drug, and seems to be on track to be completely off it due to the amount of music the duo has released within the past few months.

Being on top of the underground scene the duo has proved to be a force to reckoned with garnering a huge online following. But only time will tell if the kings of the underground rap scene are here to stay or burn to ash due to their own vices.