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Guns And Fashion: Gun Toting Citizens Are Making A Fashion Statement Guns are a very controversial topic these days. Although both sides have their arguments, some are trying to make guns a fashion statement by changing the way we see them. More and more women are buying firearms to protect themselves and their families when their husbands are away. But given the nature of a woman to want to be fashionable, chic and stylish gun accessories (and guns themselves) are becoming the new norm. These women don’t want the same masculine gun their husbands have and want something different –...

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The Keith Ape Phenomenon Keith Ape jumped on the rap scene from nowhere. The Korean hip-hop artist was virtually unknown a year ago, but has seriously rose up from the underground in the year he’s been working hard to get his name known. He’s had an explosive year and had a successful American tour, and the rapper from Seoul has even been featured in countless magazines. So what changed for this once anonymous non-English speaking rapper from Korea? Well, he looked to Atlanta’s hip-hop culture for inspiration and created his own interpretation of ATL trap music that’s now launched him...

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